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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Miami Hurricanes: Shock at Halftime 28-7 Hokies

Well, if the Hokies had to go an prove us wrong... this was the time to do it. And the way. Hendon Hooker gets the start, and the 2016 Offense reappears. And the Defense decides that it wants the turnover chain. 4 Picks and 1 fumble gives Tech a 28-7 lead at the half

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami
Caleb Farley with 2 critical interceptions
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The story of this game is that the Virginia Tech Hokie Defense woke up and with the exception of a couple of fluke plays played lights out football for the 1st half. The big power outage for Miami has been the reality that their starting quarterback has been pick pocketed by a suddenly ball hawking Hokie secondary.

Caleb Farley grabbed two picks to stop touchdown drives, Jermaine Waller grabbed two to set up either stops or scores. Jarren Williams, Miami’s Freshmen QB was taken out of the game, and then there was that weird little fumble as an N’Kosi Perry led Miami Offense coughed up a fumble.

The other words of the names of this game are Hendon Hooker... James Mitchell, and Dalton Keene. Hooker has done a good job of protecting the ball, and though his downfield throws are still not quite there, he’s hitting the short passes with relative confidence, and is also running the ball well.

The result is a completely shocking 28-7 Virginia Tech score at the half. Tech will get the ball back first and needs to make up for that fluke tipped pass in the end zone and blown coverage that set it up on a serious quacker..

Some stats to consider:

Tech Rushing:

Hendon Hooker 10 rushes for 56 yards and a touchdown.

Deshawn McClease 8 rushes for 52 yards

Keyshawn King has been sort of miss used inside. But James Mitchell shows up with a running touchdown.

Tech Passing:

Hooker is a modest 5 of 10 for 56 yards but that includes two touchdowns to Dalton Keene.

Tech Receiving:

Dalton Keene 3 catches for 42 yards and 2 TDs.

James Mitchell 1 for 7 and a critical 1st down.

Tayvion Robinson 1 for 7 yards

This is looking a whole lot like the 2016 offense, but Tech needs to stir it up a bit. The game isn’t in the bag, and Miami is grabbing some big opportunities on some blown coverages on defense. That means both sides of the ball need to make some adjustments.

Tech is still not out of the woods. They need to drive and score on this opener, and not get all conservative to just settle for what they have on the board. This is not a defense that can hold the lead for long. Eventually, Miami will hit enough back breakers to get back in this if the Hokies don’t drive and score.

They need to come out like they are behind or tied.