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Virginia Tech Hokies Mid Week Football Roundup

Yes, we finally named this piece. Hopefully we remember to keep it. Tuesdays are the time we look through the feeds and see what pops up in the way of notice and awards. Last week fun news was, er.. um... thin... This week we get to cheer a few folks.

Getting ready for a tough game
John Schneider - SB Nation

First of all, Dalton Keene attracted some serious Tight End attention. Not many score 3 TDs and nab over 70 yards in receptions. The Weekly John Macky Award goes to young Mr. Keene for his sterling performance on Saturday against the Hurricanes.

Oscar Bradburn has gotten better... (if that was even possible)... and now folks are really starting to notice because the numbers just keep getting more impressive.

Meanwhile, Rayshard Ashby keeps racking up notices. He’s on Oscar’s just keep getting better train.

We are Hendon Hooker fans. He’s a special talent and finally got his chance. He took every single inch of it for the win, too. 3 TDs in the air and one on the ground; ZERO picks, ZERO fumbles. Debuts don’t get much better.

The Rhode Island Game will kick off at the unusual time of 4:00 PM. We’ll start doing previews starting tomorrow.

Wins are always good. You always need to look for how to get better; just don’t forget that you won.