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SB Nation FanPulse Poll says that Virgina Tech is #22!

Hokies rate for SB Nation Voters. It seems that we have jumped into the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25. What a difference a few weeks of something special happening does, Last Week it was Wake. This week it’s Georgia Tech. Let’s take a look at the poll numbers.

SB Nation says we’re 22! Go Hokies!
John Schneider - SB Nation

National Numbers

The FanPulse Poll information is out and there is a big surprise lurking at #22, folks! You saw it right. It’s your Virginia Tech Hokies. As we prepare for the trip to Atlanta, Virginia Tech has bubbled up in the FanPulse evaluation to #22, and that means it’s not just us.

LSU is still #1 and truly deserves it, now.
SB Nation

Gobbler Country voters loaded up the following numbers:

Week 11 Gobbler Country CFB FBS FanPulse Poll

Ranking Team/Record
Ranking Team/Record
1 LSU (9-0)
2 Clemson (10-0)
3 Ohio State (9-0)
4 Baylor (9-0
5 Alabama (8-1)
6 Georgia (8-1)
7 Minnesota (9-0)
8 Oklahoma (8-1)
9 Florida (8-2)
10 Penn State (8-1)
11 Utah (8-1)
12 Auburn (7-2)
13 Oregon (8-1)
14 Memphis (8-1)
15 Cincinnati (8-1)
16 Notre Dame (7-2)
17 SMU (9-1)
18 Wisconsin (7-2)
19 App State (8-1)
20 Michigan (7-2)
21 Boise State (8-1)
22 Virginia Tech (6-3)
23 Indiana (7-2)
24 Wake Forest (7-2)
25 Louisiana Tech (8-1)
Gobbler Country Fans Say SB Nation

By the way, we picked up 4 votes in the AP Poll, and 16 votes in the USA Today/Coaches’ Poll. So somebody is starting to notice that maybe something special is happening in Blacksburg! Let’s keep it going, shall we?

Who Gets To Be a Probable Professional Disappointment?

The big question of the popularity contest otherwise known as the Heisman Trophy race is solidly in favor of LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow. Now, rub your eyes, get eye drops... whatever you need to make sure that you are not seeing things. The words LSU, Quarteback, and Heisman all appeared in the same sentence that did not contain a negative. It seems young Mr. Burrow is attracting some serious attention.

LSU, Quarterback, and Heisman... rare stuff.
SB Nation

How Are We Feeling?

In other Virginia Tech Hokie good news, Hokie Nation is steadily feeling better about the direction of the program. Take a look at this gem, and note that the final dot is 77.6%. While that’s not the constant 99% of Clemson, it’s a great deal better than what numbers we were pushing in week 5.

Hokies need to win their first “Battle of the Techs” in 4 years. It will mean a lot to the program and the fan base. It will also be a serious exercise of the Paul Johnson Triple-Option Demon that faded into retirement last season.

Positive Directions... moving EVERYTHING in Positive Directions....