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Virginia Tech Basketball: FanPulse Results - How confident are fans in the Hokies program?

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NCAA Basketball: Coppin State at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech Hokies opened the season with a pair of victories over Clemson and Coppin State. Each week SB Nation asks voters to give their take on how confident they are in their program. With expectations low before the start of the year, here are the results of the voting after two weeks.

The week one win over ACC-foe Clemson saw readers respond with a 93.8% confidence rating. Starting the year off with a big win and with so many new faces was certainly a surprise to many. But credit to Mike Young and the young Hokies for inspiring confidence that the program is still headed in the right direction, even after the loss of Buzz Williams.

What happened in Week 2?

After rolling past Coppin State, voters average confidence score dropped (?1) to 90.9%. Now sure, it’s a very minor drop, but it still begs the question - why? Raise your hand in the comment section below if you were a voter who voted yes week one and then no week two. We would love to know a bit of the reasoning.

The Hokies were dominate at home and pushed the season to 2-0. Even with Landers Nolley struggling other players stepped up and had a great game. Not the kind of night you’d expected to cause doubt in any of the fan base.

Nevertheless Tech has gotten off to a great start to year one of the Mike Young era. And the SB Nation Fan Pulse numbers show it.

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