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Virginia Tech Hokies Ranked #25 in the AP Poll for the Week.

There is a part of me that sort of feels like I didn’t want this to happen, but who is kidding whom? From the depths of the NCAA FBS abyss to #25. Folks, that’s just amazing. GO HOKIES!!!

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Damon Hazelton leads the team back to the lockerroom before the game.
John Schneider - SB Nation

You are not looking at the wrong link, or a mistake. Your Virginia Tech Hokies are ranked #25 in this week’s AP Poll.

That makes us the only ranked ACC team, besides #3 Clemson in the AP Top 25. The next closest is Virginia with 23 votes at #28.

The Amway/USAToday Coaches Poll has us hovering at #26 right out of the official rankings. We have been a bit behind in the coaches’ polling occasionally. Eventually they sort of even up. I know that Bryan is sort of reticent about this. I would normally be, as well. Virginia Tech has been better as a dissed underdog than a ranked opponent; however, this is just too sweet to pass up as something to really enjoy.

On September 28th, this team was woosie... It was stunned, and lost. There was no structural talent reason for the roller-coaster ride September that ended in a complete disaster on a Friday evening in Blacksburg.

The firebirds were out, and the boo birds were warming up their warble.

Then, on October 5th, an entirely different Virginia Tech Hokies stepped on to the field in Coral Gables. This team hasn’t looked back. In fact, it really hasn’t lost a football game since. Everyone knows that Notre Dame was handed a win. So the current Hokie rebirth has been very much uninterrupted.

The Offensive line, one of the youngest and most inexperienced in FBS, with 3 true freshmen and 2 sophomores starting has steadily begun to impose its will on opponents. We’ve found our running game, and our quarterback. The Defensive line has found it’s middle and outsides. The linebackers are also three of the youngest in FBS football, and so good that any two dominate the football field. AND folks #DBU is BACK! Shutdown cornerback play, 3 deep safeties and 2 deep Rovers and Whips.

It’s been pretty amazing, no matter how long this ranking lasts. To even get one week in the conversation when you were completely forgotten execpt to lament is just special. We get one whole day to feel good, though.

Pitt comes knocking on the door to Lane Stadium, and Pitt is the biggest pain in the tail feathers that we’ve ever faced. Last year they drop kicked us. It’s time for the Hokies to return the favor.

It’s Pitt week starting NOW. I am sure that it started early this morning for the team, when their alarm clocks went off to get up and report to practice. The focus is to go 1-0.