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SB Nation FanPulse Poll for Week 12: Virginia Tech Hokies are at #24

FanPulse is a bit late, but no less grand in its results. It seems that the Hokies have attracted SB Nation fan interest. We poll at #24 and shows up for the 2nd week in a row. That’s fine with us. But old news. Time to #BEATPITT

Hendon Hooker takes it around the end
John Schneider - SB Nation

Well, the data got to us a bit late we’re in the middle of turning the FanPulse posts over to Nate Reynolds for basketball coverage and it seems the information of who gets what when was a little bit sideways.

No matter, the Poll is the poll, and we’re in it again. The Top 10 is looking rather same-ish so there is no point in belaboring that issue. LSU is the Tiger to beat as the 2019 season winds down. The top 6 Teams are in a “two game” see how they wrap position. Any losses will spell an end to the CFB “Playoff” hopes for them.

The Week 12 SB Nation FanPulse NCAA FBS Poll
SB Nation

Gobbler Country Fans are seeing similar things. The important number is that Virginia Tech is sitting at #22 for us. A two position homer push is fine with this editorial staff. It’s still in the realistic range.

Gobbler Country Week 12 Poll Results

Ranking Team/Record
Ranking Team/Record
1 LSU (10-0)
2 Clemson (11-0)
3 Ohio State (10-0)
4 Georgia (9-1)
5 Oklahoma (9-1)
6 Alabama (9-1)
7 Penn State (9-1)
8 Utah (9-1)
9 Baylor (9-1)
10 Florida (9-2)
11 Oregon (9-1)
12 Minnesota (9-1)
13 Memphis (9-1)
14 Auburn (7-3)
15 Cincinnati (9-1)
16 Notre Dame (8-2)
17 Wisconsin (8-2)
18 SMU (9-1)
19 App State (9-1)
20 Michigan (8-2)
21 Boise State (9-1)
22 Virginia Tech (7-3)
23 Iowa (7-3)
24 Air Force (8-2)
25 Oklahoma State (7-3)
Clemson is still better for us than for the rest of the voters SB Nation

The most important poll in this week’s set is the agreement with the direction of the program. 45-0 made a big difference. Hokies are feeling better all the way around. Take a look at the movement this week. The Poll hit 90%. That’s a bit of breathing room. We’ll have to work on the other 10% by beating Pitt.

90%!!!! Much better, gotta get the other 10 on the bandwagon.
SB Nation

In other poll news of interest the question was to beg the not so obvious - who’s going to get into the fake playoff? (these were, of course the teams ranked below the obvious top 3 (LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson).

This for the remaining 4th slot
SB Nation

So that wraps the FanPulse Poll for Week 12. Week 13 is going to be another make or break game for Virginia Tech. Win it and we face UVA for the Coastal - with a shot at the Orange or Belk Bowls. Lose it and it’s still a big cheese contest to keep the Commonwealth Cup, but Virginia would be the sacrificial lamb for the Clemson Tiger machine.