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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Game News, Predictions, and Poll

It’s Saturday, and Game Day in South Bend, Indiana. Let’s go over some of the game particulars, the predictions, and then you test yourself with the poll. The Hokies CAN win this. Do they believe it? GO HOKIES!!!

Two years ago Ladler was #25, and Hokies played a solid half of a game.
John Schneider - SB Nation

The flight to South Bend, Indiana isn’t particularly long, but something tells me that it was intense. There isn’t anything particularly negative about any mildly negative results, but the Hokies have to know that a win in the cold and clammy regions of the former Northwest Territories of the Colony and Commonwealth of Virginia, are going to be a challenge when everyone has been used to mild weather.

That’s not the only thing that Virginia Tech needs to be aware of, but it certainly will play a part. Tech also needs to get over the Notre Dame mystique, the dismissive attitude of the sports media and gambling books (all of whom seem to be forgetting Notre Dame’s complete melt down last weekend).

The truth is that Tech absolutely CAN win this football game. We all talked about what it’s going to take, and just want to ask the coaching staff if they have the courage to risk it all, when we know the players do.

News and Updates

The game is going to be played on national television. NBC will be picking it up as a special broadcast. The kickoff is at the unusual time of 2:30 PM Eastern (Last day of Daylight Savings) and that means Comcast viewers will get to cheer for the Hokies from the comfort of their own dens, man-caves, kitchens... wherever you are going to get comfortable. The weather is still supposed to be cold (barely in the high 30’s) and there are predictions of scattered freezing rain and snow showers. We’ll see how that works out. The Hokies have normally been good when playing weather games.

The Hokies are Staying Sartorially Standard

The Uniform of the Day will be the Maroon Helmets, White Jerseys, and Maroon Pants.

The Beamerball #25 goes to

Armani had a good two weeks on Special Teams, but I bet his outstanding performance for the UNC game didn’t hurt the coaches’ score pads, either.

Did you know that Rayshard Ashby is a tackling machine? Well don’t say that you weren’t told.

And now for Predictions

Jay Johnson

The Irish look quite vulnerable after the thrashing they received from Michigan last week. Virginia Tech is coming off an exciting win and a bye week. I believe that with Patterson and Hooker under center the Fighting Gobbler offense is a match for any team left on the schedule, including Notre Dame. What it will come down to is whether or not the defense can minimize mistakes and big plays. If VT maintains on offense, develops on defense, and overcomes the intimidation factor of the “big game” environment, they can defeat Notre Dame. BUT, I think this one is going to fall away from them, ever so slightly. It’s a tough road game against a Top 20 team. Hokies fight hard, but lose.

Irish, 35-27

Bryan Manning

I expect the Hokies to be prepared and ready for a fight, much like last year. I also expect Notre Dame to be ready to avenge last weeks embarrassing performance against Michigan. The Irish are the more talented team and have the home-field advantage. I also expect ND’s OL to give Tech’s defensive front fits. However, I think Bud Foster is going to scheme this one up and keep the Hokies defense in this one. Offensively, I think we’ll see both Hooker and Patterson and they’ll give the Irish some trouble. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to pull off the upset.

Notre Dame 38 Virginia Tech 24

Nathan Reynolds

Notre Dame were embarrassed last week by one of their rivals. Showing the world that the #8 ranking the school had been given heading into that match up was more hype than substance. Now the Fighting Irish return home for another nationally televised match, knowing that their fans are expecting a result. Typically, the Hokies play to the level of their opponent, and thus, should come out strong in the first half. Statistically there isn’t one clear place that Virginia Tech dominates. If Bud Foster’s defense can put away those drives and points given up to UNC and have a shut down performance the Hokies have a chance to pull off the upset. Ultimately, I see VT falling to 5-3 with four ACC matches remaining. Luckily a loss to Notre Dame doesn’t impact their ACC Coastal race. A positive performance, despite a possible loss, can keep the team on track to close out the ACC schedule with four wins. 9-3 doesn’t sound so bad for a team that was 2-2 at one point right?

Notre Dame 35 Virginia Tech 24

John Schneider

I still don’t know. I am not a fan of Notre Dame. What I see is mostly overrated on the overall functional level. They have wonderful talent in the O-Line, and some really good running backs, but mostly I see a team of lots of mystique that is probably rated higher than much better teams (we aren’t one of them just yet), but at 5-2 they probably shouldn’t even rank 16. Their loss at Michigan might have been a tight prediction by the wise guys, but the blowout was surprising. They almost looked like us against them in the second half last year. It seemed that by the middle of the 3rd quarter the entire team just wanted to go home. That makes them really dangerous for us this weekend. They have to prove something to fans and sports punditry, and they’re going to do their level best to beat the stuffing out of us. Well, Tech has something to prove, too. This game is the difference between struggling for another bowl bid, or doing something special when all hope had fled. Will the talent that we have, that can compete with the Irish, keep that emotion in their hearts? Will it all prove too much for a team full of freshmen and sophomores? Guess we’ll get some answers this weekend. If I put the pure analyst hat on, it’s the Irish in a squeeker because they aren’t that good and their QB is mediocre. I just think that a Hendon Hooker or Quincy Patterson led Hokie Offense is just one beat more than the suspect Irish run defense can handle. I also see their QB struggling to find targets that he can hit. He is a run threat but I am seeing interesting solutions for that between Alan Tisdale and Chamarri Connor. Something tells me that if the Hokies can stay away from the mental errors, they might just win this one by as much as a touchdown.

28-24 Hokies

Poll Time


So, how do you all think that it’s going to go?

This poll is closed

  • 23%
    The Irish are angry, embarrassed, and at home. They come to the field with a bad attitude and rough up the Hokies for a lopsided win in a walk.
    (30 votes)
  • 6%
    The Hokies have a head of steam from the UNC game, and with some health restored, the Read/Option gives ND fits. The Hokies surprise everyone and win comfortably.
    (8 votes)
  • 42%
    Both teams remember last season’s great Hokie 2nd half collapse, in their own way. Hokies want revenge, and the Irish take Tech for granted. It ends up a slug fest with the angry turkeys taking a close one.
    (55 votes)
  • 28%
    Both teams remember last season’s great Hokie 2nd half collapse, in their own way. Hokies want revenge, and the Irish take Tech for granted. It ends up a slug fest with the Irish eeking a close one out.
    (37 votes)
130 votes total Vote Now

See you all online and on Twitter for the game.