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Gobbler Country Podcast Reviews the Georgia Tech Game and Peeks at Pitt

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews the Georgia Tech win, and then opens the door to #BEATPITT Week. Join us. Comment. (plus our secret weapon gets special mention)

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech
Winning is a good thing, Hokie Nation was there.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t many times when you can sing praises on all sides of the ball. The Offense was terrific. The Defense was #LPD and the real #DBU, again.

We are going to add some special kudos to Special teams and our secret weapon, Oscar Bradburn. Punting is never something that you really want to have to do. We really only want Oscar to hold the ball for the place kicker, and never really be needed on the field to do his primary job. BUT! IF you need to punt, you might just want to have a little something in your back pocket. Currently Oscar is on the semi-finalist list for the Ray Guy Award for the best punter of 2019. Way to go Oscar! Way to go!...

And folks... we get to go Bowling this season... again... for the 27th time!

Not many of us thought that was going to happen when we remember September, now, did we? Be honest.