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Virginia Tech Hokies Jump to #23 in the Coaches and AP Polls

The Amway/USA Today Coaches Poll was out early this Sunday. We waited for the AP Poll to be published. The Virginia Tech Hokies jump into the Coaches’ Poll at #23. They also match that 23rd in the AP Poll. Back in the conversation is good. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech
Bud’s last game at Lane was a cold wet shutout of a painful Big East Rival.
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of how folks feel about it, the college football polls really do mean something to the teams. It’s fodder for recruiting. The NCAA sports polls provide focus for the pro scouts, and media notoriety to the programs. The ‘middle of the pack’ doesn’t show up in the sports news trackers. It’s more often than not the Top 25 of one or another flavor.

For the first time this season, the Virginia Tech Hokies appear in the Coaches Poll. It was a pretty solid jump from #26 to #23. The usual suspects are 1-5 with a surprise Utah at #6. But we keep looking at that 123 votes for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Meanwhile the AP Poll gave us a 2 position push to #23, as well. We received a 147 points in there particular vote counting method.

While some folks don’t think too much of the polls, there has to be something to be relayed to everyone. Good poll numbers attract attention from the media and the recruits, which in turn attract good players to the team, which improves our long term winning prospects. That causes a beneficial growth spiral of good things happening for the football program.

And, frankly, the school benefits, too. Before Frank Beamer pulled Virginia Tech out of the forest of anonymous midgrade institutions of higher learning, how many people in the general public even knew who and what we were? Whether or not the administration or academic purists would like to admit it, a winning football program has been PR tonic to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

So, it’s wonderful to be back in the Top 25’s, and we should really admit that.

That’s week 12/13 (depending on the poll and what counts as the college season). Virginia Tech is tied with arch nemesis Virginia for the chance to compete for the ACC Championship in Charlotte on December 7th. Right now, the sports pundits are still saying that Virginia is going to beat us in Hooville for the privilege of being the Coastal sacrificial lamb. Some of the ‘Theys’ are under the mistaken impression that Scott Stadium is an away game for us. ‘They’ need to pay better attention.


As to the sacrificial lamb part. Clemson only beat us by a touchdown in 2016. This current Hokie team is better than that Hokie team. Without looking ahead, that notion needs correcting, too.

It’s time to start working at disabusing the sports punditry of such thinking.