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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Virginia Cavaliers: Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s five minutes before kickoff. This games means... The Commonwealth Cup. The Coastal Division Championship. The Orange Bowl. Not a bad shot for how we started. Tune in. Join us. Comment. Be with friends on this Black Friday afternoon.

Caleb Farley is infinitely better this season.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Ah yes, the Weather man seems to have changed his mind. It’s going to be partly cloudy and in the mid 50’s for the game in the Virginia Piedmont. An old classmate said it was the hoi polloi vs. the hoity toity... beer vs. Zima... Jack D vs. Vat 69... chopped pork BBQ vs. filet mignon...

Will the Tech Defense get some sort of handle on Bryce Perkins?

Will the Tech Offense get the ball moving and keep it moving?

Will we be getting ready for another game next weekend?

We’ll see. It all starts in 5 minutes.