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Virginia Takes the Cup for 2019. Lots to work on for 2020

Well, it was going to happen at some time. Caleb Farley was out with serious back spasms, and the Virginia Tech offense stalls the critical drive while tied 30-30. Time to rest, regroup, and start building for 2020.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Virginia
This was the game today...
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wahoos of Virginia grabbed the Commonwealth Cup on a back and forth matchup that ended with some ignominious failures in the final Hokie drives.

There isn’t a whole lot to talk about. There was no domination by either team over the length of the game, but Virginia Tech’s offense just couldn’t drive the ball with five minutes of the 4th quarter gone.

The defense had serious difficulty stopping the Virginia passing game once they noticed that Armani Chatman is good, but definitely not Caleb Farley good. One drive was aided by absolutely pathetic referee calls with a deep pass that was aided by massive holding in the Virginia O-Line left uncalled. Then a pass obviously caught out of bounds was ruled a reception and that gave Virginia 7 points and a major momentum shift that the Hokie defense just never seemed to overcome.

We’ll be reviewing things and we’ll hear where things fall out this weekend. I think the bowl bids come out Sunday, and I am hoping for something winnable.

So, Virginia gets to go on to get hammered by Clemson and then Georgia in the Orange Bowl.

The regular season is over, and we did better than many folks thought we would at 8-4 at the beginning of the season. We’ll talk about the positives and the negatives of things when we have some time. Tune in to the podcast for the discussion.

The Hokies will now wait for the announcement of the new Defensive Coordinator, and from the rumbling in the mill probably an Offensive Coordinator as well.

Lots of work to do, but 8-4 is better than 6-6... on the struggle... we have a winning season this year... good...

It just really stinks that we didn’t keep the cup. Next year, Hoos! Next year!