Hokies fall to ND due to egregious final drive

Don't get me wrong, the game could have gone either way, but the problem that Tech can't seem to do is stick to a good plan. From miscues in the beginning of the season, to the final three minutes of last week's game vs Notre Dame, I have more or less lost confidence that when I (hopefully) attend Tech in the next few years, that the team will still be relatively notable and dominant.


My family has a joke running through our multiple fanbases, and that many others seem to share. Prevent defense prevents you from winning. Like, seriously guys, how many times do we have to tell you? Prevent defense is for a 20 or fewer second drive that has 55+ yards to go. With the "Oh, just let them get 10 but not the entire field" works when they can only have 2-3 plays to get down the field.

What was up with that final kickoff return anyways?

Tech could have had a solid return to give the team more of a chance to get into FG range, or even get a TD. But because of what looked like something my friends and I would do when we used to play touch football at our playground as a joke, we lost ~8 seconds that could have gone on to get down farther down the field.

Other than that...

I have to agree with Brian and Jay, because I thought that the game was really good, and that the team did well against a top 20 opponent. But because of miscues and poor play calling, we lost the game for ourselves, similarly to how the Hokies lost in week 1 vs Boston College. That's it for my rant, now back to the guys who actually know what they're talking about.


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