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SB Nation’s FanPulse NCAA Football Poll is Out and Changes are Sparse.

The FanPulse Poll is finally out and it seems that things haven’t shifted around all that much. We were looking for Notre Dame to see if anyone noticed that just because they won, doesn’t mean they need to be in a lofty place. Check it and see.

Ever been in on a tackle?
John Schneider - SB Nation

The FanPulse Poll date is finally in, and the top 25 doesn’t look very different from last week. LSU is still #1 followed by the Crimson Tide. That game will probably be the game of the week, month, and season on Saturday. Unfortunately Notre Dame keeps showing up in the top 20. Last weekend they proved that they probably should be in the mid 20’s at best. Mystique still drives the polls.

Week 10 of NCAA Football
SB Nation

It seems the rest of the SB Nation FanPulse voters pretty much agree with that assessment.

LSU at Alabama - 69.2%

Penn State at Minnesota - 19%

Iowa State at Oklahoma - 4%

Iowa at Wisconsin - 3.7%

Tuesday night MACtion - 2.8%

Clemson at NC State - 1.4%

The Gobbler Country FanBase Polled the following:

The Gobbler Country Voter Top 25 for Week 10

Ranking Team/Record
Ranking Team/Record
1 LSU (8-0)
2 Alabama (8-0)
3 Clemson (9-0)
4 Ohio State (8-0)
5 Penn State (8-0)
6 Georgia (7-1)
7 Oklahoma (7-1)
8 Utah (8-1)
9 Baylor (8-0)
10 Oregon (8-1)
11 Florida (6-2)
12 Auburn (7-2)
13 Minnesota (8-0)
14 Memphis (8-1)
15 Notre Dame (6-2)
16 Wisconsin (6-2)
17 Wake Forest (7-1)
18 Cincinnati (6-1)
19 Michigan (7-2)
20 SMU (8-1)
21 San Diego State (7-1)
22 Boise State (7-1)
23 App State (7-1)
24 Louisiana Tech (7-1)
25 Virginia Tech (5-3)
Tech is #25 to GC Fans SB Nation

Fan Confidence for Hokie Nation

Hokie Nation is certainly happier about the program’s direction, even with the narrow loss. Our confidence number was up to 75% from 67%. That’s a healthy jump and shows that maybe we are beginning to see something hopeful in the offing. Unreal expectations seem to have been cast aside, and now the fan base is buckled down for a game at a time fight for a W.

Wake Forest is coming to Lane on Saturday. Wake is a solidly coached team with a better record than ours, but pretty much the same talent level. We should have Hooker and King back, and we certainly have some young men who do not quit for any reason.

Previews are on the way.