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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Podcast Covers Virginia Tech Hokie Recruiting Pt. 2

So, as promised it’s Part 2 of our big recruiting special. This time John and Joshua welcome Ray Matthews to talk the current recruiting situation. It’s a big one, so sit back with a cup of hot Joe, chocolate... or better still Mocha... and listen in.

Bud Foster is honored the team is looking to win one more for him
John Schneider - SB Nation

John and Joshua talk to Ray Matthews about the current Hokie Football Recruiting situation. This piece was recorded back in mid-season so the references will be from that period, but the information is still very valid.

Take a listen. Comment. Tomorrow is the first day of the Early signing period. Just to review we have some interesting commits who intend to ink letters tomorrow.

Robert Wooten

Dorian Strong

Kaden Moore

Justin Beadles

There are more on the Class of 2020 chart, but these young men are absolutely positive that they want to be Hokies, and we definitely welcome them to Blacksburg.

Let’s see how many LOIs come to the Athletic Department Fax Machine.