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The SB Nation Football FanPulse Data is Up; Hokies aren’t but that’s OKAY.

So the polls are all out and the Hoos and Hokies basically swapped places. That’s fine, it’s a no pressure bowl game situation and we aren’t staring two big losses in the face. GO HOKIES!!!

The Hokie Bird Grinding at the Wake Forest Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

The National Picutre

The FanPulse data is out, and there is a slight churn at the top of things for the top 4 slots (the assumption is that 1-4 get to go to the “Fake-Offs”. The remainder distributed around the other high grade bowls.

SB Nation National NCAA Football Poll Week 14
SB Nation

The Hokie Nation Gobbler Country voters laid the poll out this way:

Gobbler Country SB Nation FanPulse Poll for Week 14

Ranking Team/Record
Ranking Team/Record
1 LSU (12-0)
2 Clemson (12-0)
3 Ohio State (12-0)
4 Utah (11-1)
5 Oklahoma (11-1)
6 Georgia (11-1)
7 Baylor (11-1)
8 Florida (10-2)
9 Alabama (10-2)
10 Auburn (9-3)
11 Penn State (10-2)
12 Wisconsin (10-2)
13 Memphis (11-1)
14 Oregon (10-2)
15 Boise State (11-1)
16 Notre Dame (10-2)
17 Minnesota (10-2)
18 App State (11-1)
19 Michigan (9-3)
20 Cincinnati (10-2)
21 Iowa (9-3)
22 Air Force (10-2)
23 Navy (9-2)
24 Virginia Tech (8-4)
25 Virginia (9-3)
Data from GC Voters SB Nation

The upshot is that no one things Alabama is going to be near the “Fake-offs” this season. The real fight is coming up with the SEC Championship, where there might actually be one team from four conferences in the hunt. No one is going to be completely sure, however.

What is sure is that the Orange Bowl SEC contestant, and the Belk Bowl SEC contestant are going to be super tough opponents.

Right now, we’ll probably see: LSU, Clemson, Ohio State, and either Utah or Oklahoma. (I don’t see much changing that.)

Look at this one, sort of surprising....
SB Nation

The SB Nation Polling seems to agree with that assessment, too.

The Hokie Nation Fan Club Mopes a Bit

On the home front, unfortunately one loss caused a real confidence hit with the Hokie Nation voting fan base. That’s sad because the team fought hard and nearly pulled it off. They deserved better than the 88.9% that they got. This team is headed in a great direction, let’s not get down because a real rivalry exists. Let’s focus on helping the team win it back in 2020.

SB Nation

This is the last football article for a while. There will be a couple of others, to come right around the bowl game selection and again after the bowl game (whatever bowl that is) and we’ll get the data to you.

Nathan Reynolds is taking over the Basketball Polling duties. I’ll still be here commenting and writing, and maybe getting some pictures from the Cassell for basketball season.

One more game to cover. Let’s make it a big win.