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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews the Coaching News

While we are waiting for the Belk Bowl information to start building, Bryan and John along with guest commentator Jawhar go over the issues with the new coaching changes coming for 2020. We saved this one for the last Podcast of 2019. We could have talked about this for days. GO HOKIES!!!

The 2016 Belk Bowl. There will be no more after this season.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Talking Turkey had a great recording session just after the coaching changes were announced. We, Bryan and John, had a wide ranging conversation with Jawhar Ali about all things organizational and coaching related for the Hokies.

The team is going to be the same in 2020, but different as well. It seems that the new defensive coaching staff might just handle situations a little differently. We shall see if that’s good or bad. In the mean time, grab some coffee, or hot cocoa... maybe something else, that’s up to you on this Christmas night.

Here is hoping you had a wonderful holiday, a peaceful remainder of the year, and remember to stay up with Gobbler Country. Our pregame coverage starts Friday. There is much to go over, and Kentucky is going to be an interesting opponent.