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Virginia Tech Hokies Lose another One Point Heartbreaker and then Make it Worse

Virginia Tech loses by one point, again. In the final drive. Again... because we wouldn’t take risks, score touchdowns instead of kicking field goals.

Belk Bowl - Virginia Tech v Kentucky
The game was winnable.. until it wasn’t
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Virginia Tech Hokies lose the Belk Bowl in the last quarter by once again becoming too conservative when boldness was called for. The score was really 30-31, but a blown hook and ladder play at the end resulted in a fumble for a scoop and score that just added insult to injury.

There will be lots to talk about in the next few weeks, but one thing is clear, Tech is almost there.. but almost didn’t count in three critical games this season.

The loss is not the end of the world, but it should be the end of the current offensive planning and coaching situation for Virginia Tech. The offense is clearly capable of moving the ball and scoring. The play calling is not.

Tech had four opportunities to get first down and drive for touchdowns. Two of those resulted in field goals, but all were stalled out and spoiled by ineffective play selection. The Wildcat defense was too fast in the linebacker position and too big on the defensive line to pull of the quarterback power slants... Tech terminated two promising drives in the red zone by running that play and having it tank into the edge for negative yards.

The defense never really found a way to stop Bowden who ran over 200 yards.

Lots to work on in the off season, and most of it is going to be in the coaching staff... this team needs a new offense, and the defensive line needs to get 30 pounds bigger in each position.

Oh well... on to 2020.

Tech does wrap up with a winning record, and that’s much better than we managed last season. Something to build on, I suppose.