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Virginia Tech Hokies Men’s Basketball Ends the Regular Season at 16 and 15

The final polls for the regular season are in, and your Virginia Tech Hokies have finished the season with the majority of it in the Top 25. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Basketball: Miami-Florida at Virginia Tech
Alexander-Walker takin’ it to the hole
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Tell me, who out there in Hokie Nation could have predicted this in November 2018 when we were just starting the “Buzz” about the Men’s basketball program? Please... I’ll set the clock and the comments are open, but I seriously don’t think that many people thought that we’d finish in the top 25.

As the Athletic Department notes, this is the longest period of time 19 consecutive weeks in the AP that we have been ranked. Yes, that’s even longer than the 1980’s and 90’s Hokies.

In addition to the final kudos from the pollsters, the official all-ACC team lists are out, and our very own Kerry Blackshear Jr. and Nickeil Alexander-Walker have made teams. KB Jr. makes second team, and NAW nabs a third team nod.

Buzz Williams gathered up 12 votes for 2nd place for the ACC Coach of the Year title. There, frankly, wasn’t much that was going to slow down the Bennett juggernaut but 12 votes is a respectable mention.

Really if you think about it, Williams’s feat was head and shoulders above Bennett’s but when you are ACC you are all about the original Tobacco Road schools, first and foremost. But that’s my All Hokie All the Time opinion.

As the reviews of the 2018-2019 season continue, this one will probably be the most special because it was the solidification of the turn made two seasons ago with our first NCAA bid in the Buzz Williams era (and in a long time to go with that...)

We here at Gobbler Country keep hoping that Coach Williams ignores all of those offers that are being waved around (the grapes on the vine are ripe and juicy) we still need him here, and this program could really use the basketball equivalent of Frank Beamer. A bronze Buzz in front of the Basketball Center or even Cassell.. would be a really amazing thing.

Now it’s time to think about getting ready for the first ACC game on Wednesday. Beaten former opponents are dangerous in win or out situations. There is no “coasting” in tournament ball.