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Buzz Unfortunately Gets Touched by the Recent College Admissions Controversy

There are on two ways about this. The investigations are going to happen, and even a good person with no ill motive can be caught up in the mess. The recent federal indictments of people will bring unwanted attention on everyone; even those who did nothing wrong.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Florida State vs Virginia Tech
Buzz Williams loves his program and his players. We believe in him, too.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This is a direct link to the Roanoke Times story that talks about how the current college admissions controversy is touching Virginia Tech and Buzz Williams in particular.

We will keep our readership up to date as much as we can. There is no doubt that this mess is going to touch many people in the collegiate ranks, both athletic departments and administrations. If you have been following the unfolding of the drama this individual, Martin Fox, is alleged to have arranged some seriously tacky things to get clients’ unqualified children into various prestigious institutions. That is on the record and the charges and indictments are out there for the world to see, now.

Whit Babcock is taking Buzz Williams denial of nefarious activity in his relationship (Williams’s) with Fox. That doesn’t mean that any federal and/or NCAA investigators are going to. We, here at Gobbler Country, are taking Buzz at his word.

We also understand the closing two statements of the article:

“Babcock said the Tech athletic department’s compliance office will look into Fox.

“Buzz has not given us any reasons to doubt anything, but our job is to trust and verify, and we’re going through all that process right now,” Babcock said.” - Quote from Mark Berman’s Roanoke times article

That’s the reality to leave everyone with. The investigations will continue. This is going to be painful, though.

On a much brighter note, the NCAA Tournament Selection is tomorrow at 6, coverage from Cassell will be live starting at 5.