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Hokies Get the #4 Seed in the NCAA East

The Virginia Tech academic calendar always seems to cheat the team out of a big crowd in Cassell. Spring Break ended today, and there weren’t a huge number of students back for the NCAA Tournament Selection show. Folks were there, pizza will bribe most people. Free people gets more attention. Hokies are the 4th Seed in the East Region.

The crowd builds for the Selection Sunday Show
John Schneider - SB Nation
And the First region covered nets the first, early announcement.
John Schneider - SB Nation

So, there it was... early in the Selection Sunday show, we were just settled into our seats in the stands to wait for the long haul. This season, we didn’t have to. Virginia Tech was picked as the #4 Seed in the East Regional (which is played in geographically insane San Jose, CALIFORNIA).

We are set to play Saint Louis. Here is a link to the printable bracket courtesy of SB Nation.

I hope that Buzz gets some cheek going and parades the campus mascots, Tank (Growley II) and Moose, because a couple of retrievers might serve as a reminder that all giants can fall in this tournament. I am sure that UVA remembers.

There are lots of things to jam into all of this. They don’t call it madness for nothing.

Good Luck to everyone on the Bracketology. I personally do not indulge. But y’all have fun.

We are rooting for the Hokies, and as a close for this short article I’ll post up the best news of the evening.

Justin Robinson is going to be starting for the Hokies at Point Guard. That’s the best news that we could have had. This team has learned to win with JRob on the bench as a cheerleader and team captain in by proxy. The Hokies get to launch into the tournament at full strength, and they might just be better than in the critical minutes before JR went down in Miami. The stage is set for a deep run, and the NCAA 2019 banner will go up next to the 2018 and 2017 banners. That’s a first for this program, ever... And now, we can add a #4 seed to go with it.

Buzz Williams has been a major tonic to the post football winter blahs in Blacksburg. The Basketball Hokies are hot, and it’s all on Buzz (well there is credit due to Whit Babcock for getting him here.)