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Hokies Get Their First National Champion Wrestler: Mekhi Lewis for all the 165lb Marbles

We don’t usually report directly on wrestling. It’s a really important part of our Winter Sports Roundups, and we are really proud of our nationally ranked Hokie wrestlers. Now Mekhi Lewis wraps a gold medal season with a national championship so he’s going to get some attention. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Wrestling: Wrestling Championships
2019 165 lb. National Champion Mekhi Lewis
Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Wrestling, like swimming, tennis, golf, track and field.. well so many other sports are both individual and team challenges. Mekhi Lewis started the 2018-2019 wrestling season on a plane to Europe to earn a gold medal in his weight class. Well, that was really special and set Mekhi out for a season of notoriety, national rankings in individual efforts, and he was a major player in the Hokies being ranked so high all season long.

Well, Mekhi Lewis topped all that this evening with a resounding victory over two time national champion Pen State’s Vincenzo Joseph.

The final score was 7-1 with Lewis owning the ride time, and getting a final 2 point take down to seal it all at the end.

It’s really special to win a National Championship, it’s even more special when you’re the first to do it, and against a two-time champ.

Congratulations to Mekhi Lewis!