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Ty Outlaw Arrested for Weed

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Liberty vs Virginia Tech
ugghhh! just ugghhh!!! Self-inflicted wounds...
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Update please see the most current report in the Roanoke Times.

I’ll let Chris’s comment stand on it’s own. Doing drugs is bad, ok? It really is, and the worst thing about doing drugs is the intrusion on judgement that inebriating yourself does. However, we aren’t here to debate those points, that’s for another time.

As has been pointed out by a commenter, the phrase (mentioned and left in the comments) removed from this article was written poorly and in the heat of the moment. It was intended to be about the situation and in regards to the presence of some amount of marijuana. (which are listed in the facts of the charge) The presence of those drugs in that particular situation had a potential impact on both the subject and the team which was unfortunate and disappointing. Ty Outlaw has not been arraigned, which will occur on April 11th. Let us hope that this does not distract him and his teammates, and as we have maintained, let us hope for a positive outcome on the legal front, for him.

We’ll be hearing about Outlaw’s status. This is just a feature of sports programs, anymore; keeping athletes focused on sports.

With Outlaw on the court and playing minutes the Hokies had a really chance to beat Duke, again. Without him the road past Zion W... just got really hard.

I’d give the usual sign off, but right now I’m really bummed out.