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Ty Outlaw to Play vs Duke

Despite being charged with possession of weed, Ty Outlaw will play vs Duke in the Sweet 16.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional Practice
Ty Outlaw puts in work in DC before a big game vs Duke on Saturday.
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the police finding weed in Ty Outlaw’s apartment, Buzz Williams reported that senior guard Ty Outlaw has passed a drug test and will be suiting up for the Hokies against the top-seeded Blue Devils in the Sweet 16.

Outlaw, who leads the Hokies in 3pt percentage, would have been a huge loss for the Hokies going up against Duke. His 9 ppg and defensive capability would be an enormous loss for Virginia Tech.

To focus on the charges themselves; Ty was in San Jose when charged with possession in his apartment in Virginia and has a court date on April 11. It was a misdemeanor charge and head coach Buzz Williams told reporters he took and passed the drug test before leaving for Washington, DC. Knowing Buzz, if it was a really big deal, I believe Outlaw wouldn’t be playing.

Whatever the case may be, Outlaw will play for the Hokies Friday, and will give them a much higher chance at taking down Duke.