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Hokies Play Half a Basketball Game Lose to FSU in OT: 73-64

The Hokies were screaming into the halftime locker room with a huge lead and a dominant presence on the floor. They didn’t come out again until the last minute of regulation, and then stayed on the sideline for Overtime. There is only one word for this one: DISAPPOINTING

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Florida State
Just couldn’t play an entire game...
Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t a ton to say this evening. I am just really disappointed. This game might just prove to be the high water mark of the Virginia Tech Hokies’ 2018-1019 season.

With a huge halftime lead the Hokies left the floor for the break with the game well under control, Florida State was constantly in shot clock trouble, and didn’t even manage 20 points. That was the first half...

The second half, FSU came to the floor prepared to play basketball, and the Hokies seem to have left their team in the locker room. At one point with about 12 minutes left in the 2nd half, the Seminoles had gone on a 22-8 run, and the Hokies looked stunned, dizzy, and confused. There was a quick rally at the very end of the game where Tech mounted a comeback and managed to tie the game 61-61 at the end of regulation.

Their only hope was to come out playing like they did in the first half. It seems that they couldn’t remember that far back... Florida State dominated overtime, and Tech only managed three points.

There will be lots to talk about with this one. Josh Warner is going to follow up with a detailed summary of the game. We still have the Miami game coming up to salvage some pride, but this meltdown might just foreshadow the next two tournament runs; short and shorter.

What could have been a signature win is now just an ugly ink blot. Tech has to figure out how not to lose critical momentum coming out of the half. It’s been a chronic problem all season, and it won’t make tournament play very happy or exciting for Hokie Nation.

Lots to work on.