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Hokies Women’s Basketball Drops a Heartbreaker 79-80 in Overtime to Clemson

So the Women’s team pushes their chance to advance in the ACC Tournament into overtime and drops it by one hearbreaking point. Now it’s time to wait for the tournament selection committees to work through the numbers.

The Hokie Women’s basketball team took on Clemson in Greensboro, NC for their second round game in the ACC Tournament. After the massive win over Wake Forest in the 1st round, the Hokies had added some luster to their star in the consideration category for the NCAA Tournament.

They played a tough game, battling a back and forth close game to a 71 all tie at the end of regulation. The Hokies just couldn’t get the ball to drop enough in overtime. There just weren’t enough points to be had in the overtime period. At 25.8 left the Hokies trailed by a nearly insurmountable three points. Even with our premium shooters from 3 point range it was just a tall order to get more than 2 in that one possible possession.

One point short of putting it into 2OT.

Now the women come home to wait for the tournament bids and seeding. Most of the analysts that I see are predicting another NIT bid, that we needed to get past Clemson before we could slide off the bubble into the NCAA Tournament.

There is always hope, but the numbers are still saying Madison Square Garden.

It was a good season, and a really wonderful recovery from a disappointing ACC start. Coach Brooks has the program headed in the right direction. Whatever the tournament seeding we love our team.