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Hokies Defeat the Hurricanes and have a Day Extra to wait for Tournament News

It started out to be worrisome with the ‘Canes up 8 early in the first half. Then Tech started draining 3’s, caught and passed Miami, settled in and never really looked back. 84-70 is pretty emphatic. And Justin Robinson was dressed out! Didn’t play yet, but he was a presence.

NCAA Basketball: Miami-Florida at Virginia Tech
Justin Robinson didn’t play but he was dressed out.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a special win. It was special for our three seniors who will be moving on to their new lives in the Spring. It certainly was special for the entire team.

The good news, that undoubtedly lifted the team, and maybe tweaked some potential seeding decisions was that Justin Robinson was dressed out and on the bench. He didn’t play, but it was obvious that his presence even in only marginally playable shape, was tonic to the Hokies.

The win was really a needed bit of momentum after the heart breaker at FSU, and just to make things more enjoyable, this evening also marked Buzz Williams’s 250th win.

Coach Williams is rumored to be in the mix for ACC Coach of the Year. We think, on the merits, that he deserves that particular accolade. We also know in our hearts that he’s changed this program for the better, and added something special to both the Athletic Department and Virginia Tech as a learning institution.

Get those Dancing Shoes Ready

And the Invitations to the show are out. It’s March 17th at 5:00 PM...

So Gobbler Country will be there with camera in hand and shots from the crowd as we watch our Hokies get their next invitation to go Dancing.