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Virginia Tech Spring Game Official Thread

Welp, here at the spring game for another opening of Virginia Tech Football. Let’s see how this scrimmage goes, shall we?

Field before the game
John Schneider- Gobbler Country- SB Nation- Vox Media

Welcome one and all to our spring game official thread. Sorry that it’s only on the radio, ladies and gents, but I’ll be doing what I can to tweet and/or gamethread my observations up here from up in the booth. Nice to be back on temp basis (get well soon, Bryan).

The format for the Scrimmage will be as follows:

  • Two live goal-line periods
  • Two live “coming out” periods where the offense is backed up at its own end of the field
  • Two-minute situations (both first-team and second-team units will receive opportunities)
  • Ball at the 50 with 0:45 remaining – Need a FG to win
  • Ball at the 50 with 1:00 remaining – Need a TD to win

Weather could be a factor in what gets done. So far the showers have stayed away for the bulk of the run up for the game so I expect that there will be a full set conducted.

What I want to see from the spring game in short:

  1. Improved defensive back coverage.
  2. No injuries.
  3. Current frontrunners for the offensive line that will be completely discarded by the first start of the season.
  4. No injuries.
  5. Any idea of clarity from this weird semi-false quarterback competition between Ryan Willis, Quincy Patterson, and Hendon Hooker?
  6. No injuries.
  7. Are we going to see anything explosive on the ground or in the air?
  8. Most importantly, no injuries.

We’ll be on the field with the camera for as long as things stay dry. We’ll get pictures up over the course of the week.

See you guys in here and on twitter! Be sure to follow @GobblerCountry for my updates.