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Diamond Hokies Turning It Around

There isn’t too much argument over the past few seasons of both the softball and baseball teams. This season we are seeing the effects of some major changes, some solid recruiting, and a new coaching setup. The Hokie Softball is ranked 21/20, it’s keeping opponents off the bags, and it’s scoring. The Baseball Team has a winning record for the first time in years, and is looking to finish strong. GO HOKIES!!!!

A rebuilding Hokie Baseball Team chills in the dugout
John Schneider - SB Nation

Virginia Tech Hokies on the Diamonds

Checking out the Hokie vs Whaoo Softball Game on Fanily Day
John Schneider - SB Nation


The Softball Team is nothing short of amazing this season. This past weekend, as a nice compliment to the Spring Game, the Hokies took the field against the Wahoos, and completely shut them out for the entire three game series.

Just so you all understand how good the Hokies are this year, the current record is 39-6 with a conference thumping 16-2. Folks that’s a stratospheric change from last season’s total record at 23-30. You might not be a huge softball fan, but if you love any form of baseball and track anything close to a ball season for anyone, that’s an improvement of near miracle proportions. The Hokies have won as many games as they lost last season in the ACC. To say that this team is a shock to the ACC system is to understate the situation. In the ACC, Hokie Softball as won every series. They took 2 of 3 against Georgia Tech and Louisville. They have swept NC State, Pitt, Duke, and the Wahoos. Over the last six games opponents (this time Charlotte) have scored exactly 1 run. That is just amazing.

Three days ago they were ranked 20th and 21st in the Softball rating services.

Today is Game Day as the Hokies try to get some revenge for last year’s series loss to Carolina. The Tar Heels are cooling them in the driving rain and thunder, while the area waits out a storm front. The game has been moved to 6:00 PM. It’s going to be a good one.

They have seven games left on the regular season schedule after the Carolina series wraps. Let’s see if they can invert the ACC by taking this series, and their final ACC match up for 2019 at Boston College.


Hokie Baseball has been chugging along. It hasn’t been pretty, sometimes, and we are still struggling to win series in the ACC, but your Virginia Tech Hokies are staying above .500 at 22-16. The conference record for the ACC is still fighting for momentum at 7-16, but last evening the Hokies once again proved that Coach Szefc is the real deal. At this point, last season, Tech had lost sight of the .500 mark, and was getting throttled in the ACC. That isn’t the case this season. We aren’t losing runaways, and of late the Hokies are putting up a fight in every game.

Last night, Ian Seymour gave #11 Georgia Tech a major fit until the 5th. Then the offense gave a lead back to Jaison Heard setting up Jack Dellinger for a 3-2 save. The game is at home so it’s subject to the same weather issues as the softball games. Both visitors had started early to get to Easter Sunday without having the kids on the field. Tech has won five of their last eight, and faces a tough ACC stretch coming up for the season close out. Miami, BC, and the season closer with UVA still gives Tech a shot at building some wins to get the ACC record to .500. We’ll see how that works out.