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The First Day of the NFL Draft is Over and it was “Different”

No Hokies to be seen, but lots of odd, strange, and inscrutable choices along with mostly predictable ones. Tonight is rounds 2 and 3. I don’t hold out much hope for seeing any Hokies, yet. But with this draft, you never know.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Kyler Murray Press Conference
Kyler Murray minuse the pink suit at the Cardinals background
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So it’s day two of the draft, and short of a few diehard fans of individual teams, there not many folks really noticed day One had finished. Out of the 32 picks in the first round of the NFL Draft, it doesn’t seem like many teams were too deeply enthused about the whole process. Somewhere around half of the picks were potential real first round choices, but even then they weren’t the flashy players. It was almost a boring evening with no drama and certainly nothing in the way of breakthrough picks that could make a real difference to a team. We just have a few observations and then we’ll sit down to see rounds two and three later this evening.

1. The relatively “non-star” nature of the draft was exemplified by the number of trades up and willingness by teams to trade down or out. This means that it’s a spear fishing expedition where teams were looking for people to fill roles, and they preferred a specific player to fill that role. Probably the best move of the night was the Pittsburgh Steelers trading some late round picks and a pick from next season so that they could guarantee getting Devin Bush - one of the relative handful of true 1st rounders in the draft this year. The Steelers just don’t normally trade around so the move was a surprise. The pick was an A grade all the way around because the Pittsburgh defense has been struggling without Ryan Shazier in the mid-field. Bush will definitely help fill that gaping hole.

2. There were some expected moves, like the Cardinals starting off with a marginally useless pick of Kyler Murray. No huge smack against him, he seems to be a really nice kid, but he’s got Robert Griffin IV written all over him. I know the NFL is juicing on short quarterbacks at the moment, but 5’ 10” isn’t just short... it’s relatively minuscule. At least Murray isn’t sprung as lightly as Griffin is. Griffin’s second injury was the dislocated ankle that just happened because he was running and nothing caused it. Murray is a scrambler and has been compared with Patrick Mahomes, so the “bandwagon” is rolling for that sort of play. Well, Mahomes really only has one full season on the field, and next season the league is going to be wise to his stuff. I doubt his 2019 is going to look like his 2018. Murray will reap the “benefits” of the adjustment. As a reminder we haven’t heard a ton about Russell Wilson, now, have we? That’s because pro defenses aren’t college... and they make adjustments, fast.

3. The most inscrutable, and frankly stupid, move was for the New York Giants to draft Duke’s mediocre QB, Daniel Jones, in the first round. Jones was brutally inconsistent over his three years. He could pass short, but it was soft and though on target, subject to defensive stops. He had no demonstrable arm strength beyond the 35 yard mark, so more often than not; he pulled it in to run when the short routes broke down. Jones was only a threat to the Hokies because he ran well. That says a lot, especially last season. I compare Jones being drafted in the first round to the Giants paying $10 for a bologna and cheese sandwich on cheap white bread, with no chips and no drink. (I know you might actually have to throw that sort of coin for a crap sandwich in Gotham, but most of the country knows what I am talking about.) Jones would have been around for several rounds. No one looked really interested in him in the first and second rounds. I doubt that he’d have gone earlier than the 4th if the Giants hadn’t had a major case of the brain cramps. They needed receivers and defensive backs of all types. A backup QB they could have traded for. There were still some 1st round quality offensive linemen on hand; maybe keeping Eli on his feet and out of danger would have been a more effective choice. Like I said the choice has a lock on the 2019 NFL Draft “DUH” Award.

So the 1st round felt a whole lot like the 2nd round. No flash or glitz - Kyler Murray’s shocking pink 2 sizes too small suit and Devin Bush’s indescribable style thing going aside, there wasn’t much to talk about in the positive.

The viewership for rounds two and three looks to be relatively sedate. I bet no one much is going to pay attention to the show on Saturday, except for the sports media. This Draft is really getting to be a Ho Hum sort of thing.

Hoping for the best for our Hokies on Saturday.



So do you think this draft is going?

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  • 16%
    It’s just drafty, someone close the door because it’s making my nap uncomfortable.
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  • 12%
    Who are some of these people. Even the sports guys were confused and had no analyticals for them.
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  • 0%
    With so few first round quality players, maybe Friday will be filled with teams looking for good players.
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  • 70%
    I just want to see a few Hokies come off the board, with some of these outside of the box picks someone may have noticed how good Ricky and Yosh are.
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