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Hokies NBA Draft Watch

With less than six weeks until the NBA draft, here’s a look at the players with some amount of draft buzz coming off their Sweet 16 season.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Virginia Tech vs Duke
Highly ranked prospect from Virginia Tech stepping back for a jump shot in the Sweet 16 against Duke.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL draft behind us and the NBA draft upcoming, this may be the first time Virginia Tech has more basketball players drafted than football players. Here’s a look at who from the Hokies could go pro...

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Potential lottery pick for the Hokies is the sophomore guard from Canada. After being a top level defender and versatile scorer, NAW has accumulated draft buzz over the season and has potential to be the highest drafted Hokies ever.

On the year, he averaged over 16 ppg, 4 reb, 4 assists and 2 steals. Alexander-Walker had a very good year for the Hokies and will look to immediately contribute on both sides of the ball to any team that drafts him.

Heading in to draft night, a few teams to watch for would be the Hornets, the Heat, and possibly a team like the Celtics. Those teams have mid first round picks and could take Nickeil. If he were to fall to the late teens or early twenties, watch for the Pacers of the Thunder to show interest in him.

Justin Robinson

Following the Portsmouth Invitational, ESPN reported that Justin Robinson was the most impressive to the NBA scouts and GM’s in attendance and could sneak into the second round. He’s been working out with some NBA teams including the San Antonio Spurs and could very easily be a late second round pick come draft night.

If he is drafted or even signed to a team as a free agent, Robinson may or may not contribute immediately. If given minutes, his IQ and overall skill would allow him to produce at a decent rate, but a few months under a veteran point guard could also benefit him. Best case scenario: Robinson goes late in the second round and develops into a Jalen Brunson or Quin Cook type of player.

Kerry Blackshear Jr.

With his name both in the transfer and NBA draft portals, Blackshear Jr. will most likely not be at Tech next year. If that’s the case; being drafted would be ideal so Tech gets the credit.

Being 6’10” with good passing, rebounding, decent post moves and a decent shot, Blackshear could very easily be a late second round pick. He more than likely not start out in a team’s rotation; but with a good training staff Blackshear could very easily develop into a solid rotation player as a stretch four in the NBA.

With the Hokies next season in question, it’ll be nice to potentially see some of our guys get drafted. Alexander-Walker has potential to be big time, and J-Rob and Kerry could become valuable players to any team in the league. Be sure to watch the draft June 20th and always...