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Hokies on the Diamonds: Softball Superlatives and Baseball’s Final Four

Tomorrow is Reading Day. It’s the final day of classes in the 2019 Spring Semester. The Students are wrapping it up after some serious partying (maybe panicky studying, too). The Softball team is about to head into the ACC Championships and maybe the NCAA Softball World Series. The baseball team has 4 more to try to stay above .500. The rest of Tech is just trying to pass.

Hokies waiting to play ball
John Schneider- SB Nation

Hokie Softball

There is just not enough to say about this season, and the ACC probably said the most about the Hokies’ complete turn around. Those sorts of things happen because of quality players, but it takes a quality Skipper to get the talent playing for each other. It takes organization, management skill, strategy, tactics, and sometimes just plain old hard work. This season the Virginia Tech Hokies Softball team seemed to come up with all of the right combinations of those things. That’s on the coach; Pete D’Amour. Well, the coach has now gotten some serious recognition from the ACC. Coach D’Amour has been named the ACC Softball Coach of the Year.

Remember it takes players to actually get the job done. You can’t coach the field. Well, two Hokies distinguished themselves this season. Carrie Eberle was awarded the ACC Pitcher of the Year, and third baseman Kelsey Bennett was named Freshman of the Year.

What’s more, the team received a pile of names added to All ACC squads.

1st Team:

Jayme Bailey, Fr., 1B, Virginia Tech; Kelsey Bennett, Fr., 3B, Virginia Tech; Carrie Eberle, Jr., P, Virginia Tech; Keely Rochard, So., P, Virginia Tech; Emma Strouth, Sr., OF, Virginia Tech

All Freshman Team:

Jayme Bailey, 1B, Virginia TechKelsey Bennett, 3B, Virginia Tech

There were no second team names on the list. When you get 5 on the 1st team there isn’t much left for the other squads; but we bet that they’re amazing, too.

The 2019 ACC Softball Tournament Starts tomorrow. The Hokies are the Number 1 Seed as the regular season ACC winners.

Hokie Baseball

It’s game day. The West Virginia Mountaineers are showing up for the Hokies’ final non-conference game of the season. That part of the schedule has been pretty good, this season, though the last quarter seems to have been a more difficult challenge than the first three. The Mountaineers are ranked 21st. Tech absolutely needs this win to help them stay above the .500 level. Tech hasn’t been in a run away game in the last 12. Every one has been a challenge, and every one has been determined by only a few runs. Can the Hokies get both offensive and defensive oars in the water to steer their way to a W? We’ll have to see. The game is going to be streamed.

This past weekend, Tech had more than a handful. Boston College came to visit, and barely walked out with a series win. Tech played them tight and even found their bats on Sunday. Unfortunately they really needed to grab that first close game and the series win to stay out in front.

The Hokies are 25-24. They need to get a .500 split to stay on track for a winning season. It’s Virginia next weekend. It’s Commencement, it’s Senior Night, and it’s for the season.

They’ll have a bunch to think about for the weekend besides exams. If they can pull off a win this evening, they have a little breathing room. A broom would be a great thing to bring to the field for the Wahoos next weekend.

As always.