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Three Virginia Tech Hokie Baseball Players Drafted

There is another draft going on, besides the NBA draft coming up. Major League Baseball is picking players for its extensive team setups. The baseball draft isn’t as glamorous or highly publicized as the other leagues, but it is important, and congratulations are in order for our Hokies.

Nic Enright is one of the Hokies Drafted this week
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Major League Baseball Draft has just wrapped up, and the Virginia Tech Hokies were not forgotten. The Gobblers had three graduating players picked for various rounds (there are lots of draft rounds of for baseball because it might be the MLB, but these picks will all go to the minor leagues for their respective clubs before setting foot on the field for the big show.

A big happy pat on the back and good luck need to go out to:

Kerry Carpenter who went in the 19th Round by the Detroit Tigers.

Pitcher Nic Enright is headed to the Cleveland Indians organization.

And Pitcher Jack Dellinger joins Kerry Carpenter in the Tigers’ organization.

The Minor League system for professional baseball is all about building skills enough to make it to the big leagues. The challenges will be playing more games, sometimes in some pretty raggedy places... wooden bats, and if you’re in a National League rules club, learning to bat (as a pitcher).

I have always said that baseball is a life sport. It’s intricate. The skills necessary just to play it are difficult to master, and the level of detail that players must build in regard to the way their opponents play the game is often a critical function.

These three Hokies have lots to learn. Let’s give them a hearty congratulations and hope that we see them playing in the big show on TV, soon.