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Virginia Tech Hokies: 2019 Football Roster Review

Fan Appreciation Day is over, the first week of practice is in the books, and it’s time to start looking at the rosters of each of the major units. First up is the Offensive Line. Bigger, Faster, and a real pleasant surprise coming. GO HOKIES!!!

In the Trenches we go for the first Roster Article
John Schneider - SB Nation

A Happy Beginning to the Season

It’s time for us to take a good look at the roster for 2019. We have put these articles on hold until after Fan Appreciation Day, and the first official week of practice being put into the books. First, as a fan, and a reporter there has to be something said about the atmosphere of the Beamer Barn on Sunday. There was an energy and a real sense of happiness going on. The players were really enthusiastic about meeting the fans, there was more easy repartee, and certainly more smiles than the event last season.

The players were eager to autograph, mug for selfies, or other camera shots - take a look at the Facebook Page, we have the entire offensive, defensive, and special teams squads up for you.

It very much looks like the team is more focused but also relaxed. The sense is that they have to concentrate on one game at a time, and nothing else but a focus on beating BC is in anyone’s imagination at the moment. The game plans are already starting to unfold, and the practices are getting set up for real opponents. It will be one more week before they are put on the game prep schedule, but there didn’t seem to be a generalized focus on the entire season. This team is bound and determined to put the bad joss of 2018 behind them.

So, we are going to start this set of reviews off with what is considered the most important single unit on the field. The Offensive Line must function well this season. They must keep the Quarterback on his feet for quality throws, and whoever is running the ball with open lanes to maneuver. It will always be 85% of the running game, and 65% of the passing game in every instance for every season.

Virginia Tech Hokies 2019 Offensive Line Roster

Number Name Position Height Weight Class Hometown High School Previous School
Number Name Position Height Weight Class Hometown High School Previous School
79 Tyrell Smith OL 6-3 300 R-Sr. North Brunswick, N.J. Don Bosco Prep Cushing Academy (Mass.)
52 Austin Cannon OL 6-2 324 R-Jr. Mechanicsville, Va. Atlee Fork Union Military Academy (Va.)
71 T.J. Jackson OL 6-6 350 R-Jr. Cumberland, Va. Cumberland County
75 Zachariah Hoyt OL 6-5 299 R-Jr. Salem, Va. Salem
51 Gene Kastelburg OL 6-0 308 R-So. Richmond, Va. Benedictine College Preparatory
54 Lecitus Smith OL 6-3 309 R-So. Fitzgerald, Ga. Fitzgerald
60 Silas Dzansi OL 6-5 318 R-So. Woodbridge, Va. C.D. Hylton Fork Union Military Academy (Va.)
77 Christian Darrisaw OL 6-5 305 So. Upper Marlboro, Md. Riverdale Baptist Fork Union Military Academy (Va.)
56 Joe Kane OL 6-2 298 R-Fr. Wake Forest, N.C. Heritage
57 John Harris OL 6-3 295 R-Fr. Hoschton, Ga. Mill Creek
66 Louis Mihota OL 6-2 279 R-Fr. Fredericksburg, Va. Massaponax
69 Luke Tenuta OL 6-7 309 R-Fr. Crozet, Va. Western Albemarle
58 Walker Culver OL 6-6 294 R-Fr. Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. Baylor School
76 Brock Hoffman OL 6-3 312 Jr. Statesville, N.C. Statesville Coastal Carolina
61 Bryan Hudson OL 6-4 310 Fr. Georgetown, KY Scott County
74 Doug Nester OL 6-6 313 Fr. Huntington, W.Va. Spring Valley
72 Jesse Hanson OL 6-5 287 Fr. Blue Ridge, VA. Lord Botetourt
50 Will Pritchard OL 6-2 287 Fr. Moseley, VA Manchester
62 Gabe Sesco OL 6-6 265 Fr. Bluefield, Va. Graham
The 2019 O-Line looks bigger, faster, and more experienced Data Courtesy of Hokie Sports

This has to be the biggest, and deepest Offensive Line that Tech has fielded in quite a few years. We won’t talk about specific depth chart numbers just yet, but here is a list of what we think the one’s and two’s will be. (Remember both 1’s and 2’s often have lots of playing time in a season, and both roster spots need to be highly motivated and ready to play.)

Probable Starters and Potential Positions

Left Tackle:

Christian Darrisaw is healthy and ready to play. He was a dynamic surprise this season, and barring any injuries or unfortunate circumstances has really stepped in to provide the most serious outside blocking talent since Duane Brown.

Left Guard:

Doug Nester is the big non-surprise, surprise of the season. Nester is tearing up this practice and impressing enough people that there is a very legitimate chance of having this true Freshman starting at Left or Right Guard. (I’m thinking Left at the moment, he’s that good.)

Joe Kane looks like he might get a #2 in the chart, and that will probably be a backup Guard on either side of the center.


Zachariah Hoyt seems to have this position tied up, but his snap consistency needs to be better than last season to keep it.

Louis Mihota has been working out at backup, here. There have been others snapping, so there will be options in the games.

Right Guard:

Lecitus Smith could end up inside on the right side of the line. He can play both Guard and Tackle, but he’s seems to be doing well inside and that’s where he’ll probably get a chance to play well this season.

Right Tackle:

Silas Dzansi can play both sides, and both positions, so can T.J. Jackson. This situation might end up being a real competition that will push both. Either way, they will be a 1 or a 2.

With the weird NCAA Limbo that Brock Hoffman finds himself, there is no telling if he’ll get a chance to get on the field this season. There is a lot of controversy and certainly no lack of criticism for the NCAA’s eligibility committee’s decisions of late. We won’t indulge in any meme casting, but we don’t have to be thrilled with their brutal inconsistency either.

There are 19 Days until the kickoff in Chestnut Hill. That means 12 more days of general practice, but you ‘know’ that the team is really getting ready to get out of the blocks fast against a conference opponent in a tough but winnable venue.

The Offensive Line is going to be a critical part of the 2019 effort, and looks ready for the challenge.


2019 Mini Helmets
John Schneider - SB Nation