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SB Nation Fan Pulse Poll. Virginia Tech Hokies Start at 25

The first pre-season SB Nation Fan Pulse poll is out.

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Justin Fuente and his starting players for Pitt 2017 - Time for Hokies to Jump
John Schneider - SB Nation

The first SB Nation Top 25 Fan Pulse Poll is out, and your Virginia Tech Hokies are showing up at #25. This ranking is a tad surprising thinking about the old information that this is based on (meaning the 2018 season) but SB Nation’s active voters seem to think that Justin Fuente has the ship turned around in the right direction, and maybe some emotion about Bud retiring...

We in Hokie Nation appreciate the votes.

See the comments and other posts on the SB Nation FanPulse Site.

This is a challenge. Most of us thought that the Hokies were going to be in the “also getting votes” category at best. To see us in the first poll for SB Nation is pretty awesome. Now the Hokies need to make it stick.


WE NEED 3!!!! If you haven’t signed up for the poll, we need 50 voters to be listed in this thing and we have 47... let’s get three more and we can be part of the poll counts too! We can get this done! Everyone please follow the link, and sign up for the FanPulse Poll. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time during the week, and Hokie nation will get to have its voice heard in a hot new poll.