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Gobbler Country Talks To BC Interruption about the 2019 Virginia Tech Hokies vs. BC Eagles Game

We answered five questions from our sister site, BC Interruption about the kickoff game on the 31st. It’s time for us to tell you what they said in response to ours. Lots of interesting things... these are two evenly matched teams with lots of unknowns. GO HOKIES!!!

The 2016 BC Game at Lane Stadium. Maybe we run this offense again.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Gobbler Country had a question and answer session with BC Interruption on Monday. Today it’s our turn to hash over our top five questions for them. There is absolutely no shading, gas-lighting, or sunshine blowing, here. The Virginia Tech Hokies are in for a fight, and BC is also in rebuild mode after losing folks to graduation. We check in with our friendly foes over at the Interruption to see how they are feeling about some key questions:

GC: How do you feel about your quarterback situation? Dillon’s potential this fall really helps, but if someone is going to beat you guys, stopping or slowing Dillon down is imperative can your QB carry that load?

BCI: It really depends on who you ask. Anthony Brown has looked absolutely brilliant in some games (see the game against Wake Forest last year) and very beatable in others. He was particularly shaky down the stretch last year after getting knocked out of the game against Clemson. I think the more interesting (and possibly more relevant) question is the quality of the people catching the ball, as BC lost a lot in terms of their receiving core last year. If Kobay White (Brown’s favorite target last year) and, perhaps more importantly, Ben Glines can emerge as a strong secondary target, I think Brown has the tools to utilize them.

GC: You’ve had some graduations so both of your lines are going to be interesting, but from what we can see the O-Line looks like it’s a bit on the new-ish side. Does this next line live up to normal BC excellent standards?

BCI: Yeah I mean the O-Line was all but lost to graduation last year (shoutout to Ben Petrula as the sole returner). What I will say is that, as annoying as Addazio has been in the past, he has absolutely earned the benefit of the doubt on how he handles his offensive line. There’s certainly a lot of raw talent on that line. John Phillips wasn’t a starter last year, but he played every game and is a solid pass blocker. Alec Lindstrom has really strong pedigree (his brother Chris is an alumnus of the unit) and there’s certainly high hopes for him. I’d be guessing on the others but, like I said, Daz has earned our trust at least on the offensive line.

How do you feel about your secondary? Something tells me that countering your running threat is going to be going to our strength which is our receiver corps. (Who ever thought that a Hokie would be saying that, eh?)

BCI: I like Brandon Sebastian a lot, he was really solid at corner last year (Florida State notwithstanding), and I think there is a lot of room to grow there. Mike Palmer at strong safety is also going to be really solid as well. Overall I think there’s a lot of question marks in that secondary, but I think there is potential for growth. Again, Daz kind of has earned the benefit of the doubt on defense considering how strong the units have been in the past.

GC: Which of our quarterbacks are you most wary of; Willis or Hooker? And why

BCI: As much as I like our secondary, I have my concerns about them that Ryan Willis can exploit. He had a very solid game last year against a BC defensive backfield that I have a lot more confidence in. I suppose there’s an element of willful ignorance of whatever is behind Door No. 2 in Hooker, but Willis is someone I think can give the BC backfield some headaches.

GC: Tech’s experienced, but has basically left all the poison and trash behind. It’s a new team with players who have been through the trials of the damned. How do you think you all will do for the opener?

BCI: I honestly don’t know what to expect from this team, with so much turnover. I certainly think the Eagles are going to regress from last year, though I think there is more talent here than I think BC is being given credit for. I think Va. Tech is going to have its hands full up in Chestnut Hill in a game that’s going to go down to the wire. I’m a homer, and the game is on home field, so I’m going to give BC the nod, but I’m going to do so quietly because I’m not at all sure of what’s going to happen. It’s certainly going to be an interesting game on the ACC Network. Hopefully Comcast and the ACC/ESPN can work through their differences so I can watch it.

So there you have it. The reasons why there are quite a few Virginia Tech fans who are A) not happy about starting a turnaround season against a rival team and B) not thrilled about that rivalry being a conference game right out of the chute. It’s the most important game of the year, and not a snap has been played, yet.

The Hokies do have a chance to win this, but it’s going to be a dog fight. The Countdown Continues. T-Minus 11 Days and counting.