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Hokies Let’s Tell Bud Foster How We Feel About His Defense!

There’s one more bowl game left. Be on the alert for the new Basketball Tee coming soon. There is still time to order our Tee honoring our original Lunch Pail carrying coach. Here’s your chance to make a unique statement with a quality Tee Shirt from BreakingT.

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Make Everyone Know How You Feel about Bud Foster’s Defenses

How about grabbing one of these original Tee Shirts to tell Bud and the Rest of Hokie Nation how you feel about his 33 years as a Hokie Defensive Coach.

BreakingT, our partner in all things T-Shirt related, is offering Gobbler Country fans, and Hokie Nation, a chance to say something unique about how we feel about the last 33 years, and how we move on from here.

Celebrate the Lunch Pail Defense

Follow the link... Wear the Tee...

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Make This Statement to Celebrate Bud Foster