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Virginia Tech Hokies #1 Center Brock Hoffman’s Appeal Denied

Brock is going to have to sit out a season. The NCAA has denied his appeal for immediate eligibility. Frustrations, anger, and confusion ensue. The NCAA seems to have two sets of rules and enforces them er um... oddly... let’s just say that.

Brock Hoffman at Fan Appreciation Day 2019
John Schneider - SB Nation

Honestly this decision doesn’t surprise me.

Frankly, it’s brutally unfair, given other decisions rendered this season, and it certainly speaks, as Andy Bitter is reporting of an absolutist view and interpretation of the rules: (His thread starts here)

There are many complaints and lots of frustration in Hokie Nation. Unfortunately, there is no avenue short of the court system for an appeal, and to whom are you actually appealing an apparently unfair and arbitrary decision; the same body that took it in the first place, and then the second?

So, young Mr. Hoffman’s talent will have to wait until the 2020 season. He’s still at Tech, still closer to his mother, and still on the team. We’ll just have to wait, too.

It’s still not any easier to take, nor does it seem a fair application of the rules or a justly adjudicated appeal.