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Virginia Tech Hokies Trail 14-28 at the Half...

The situation is not good. There are flashes of brilliance, but a muffed punt canclled a great stop, and the Hokie D is getting shoved around. The offense is sputtering with inconsistent play calling and some painful mistakes... It’s a tough game for the Hokies.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Boston College
A little good news here an there but altogether not enough..
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the game might tell the entire story of the matchup...

The Virginia Tech Hokie Defense is still too small inside, and cannot get quality pressure on the Eagles Quarterback..

Their tight end #80, and their wide out #4 are going to be hated numbers by the offense because they succeeding in putting up 3 touchdowns on us, along with a short field AJ Dillion blast of more than 20 yards...

When the Hokie O is actually putting the ball downfield, and moving Willis in the pocket there is some really good stuff happening. The problem is that there are still some basic mistakes in pattern recognition, and reads happeing with Willis, the end of the Half was an unfortunate dart thrown into coverage to one receiver... instead of to Robinson who was open about 3 yards short of the goal line. That would have narrowed the score to 21-28, but it still doesn’t account for the problems that Tech is having on the defensive line.

Currently there are issues with every radio feed within 100 miles.. Trying to reconnect, but the word is that something is going on, and there isn’t much in the way of information.

ACCNetwork and Comcast better come up with some sort of agreement soon... this is really pitiful.

I am not anticipating good things for the wrap this evening.