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Gobbler Country News Round-up: Countdown Edition #2

26 Days to get ready for the August 31 kickoff to the 2019 season at Chestnut Hill. Well, two days into practice and I can guarantee that even though they have been conditioning and working since Spring, there is a new level added to “Fall”. Lots to consider, lots of things shifting already. Getting exciting... GO HOKIES!!!!

Warming up for the Spring Game... wishing for cool, now.
John Schneider - SB Nation

The 2019 Virginia Tech Hokies

So fall practice is thee days in. The sessions have been open to the media, and there has been some news about moves already happening. The team photo was put up, and the butterflies are already starting.

Tre in the Klieg Lights

Tre Turner gets a chance to occupy the hot seat for a Q and A. Tre was struggling just a bit... he’ll pick it up, he’s out of practice in front of the camera. And yes, he did finally agree that the Hokie Receiving Corps is going to be really important this season.

Let the Position Shuffle Begin

There has been a position change, reported by Michael Niziolek​ of the Roanoke Times. It seems that the loss of critical depth at Tackle has meant a push of sophomore Jaylen Griffen from Linebacker to Tackle. That’s going to be a big jump Griffen is pretty lightly sprung at a listed 257 pounds. The roster is still listing him as a Linebacker, but we’ll see how that develops.

Great News for #DBU - Webb is on the field

The great news for the real #DBU is that Jeremy Webb is back in pads, and looks to be in some seriously good condition. Hopefully he’s gotten all of the work done from the trainers and therapists to loosen up and heal is legs. With Bryce Watts gone, it’s really important to have that starting quality Cornerback on the field. We all know the struggles on Defense, for the defensive backs in 2018. Webb’s appearance on the field, ready to go, and working out against the receivers is a hopeful sign for 2019.

Coach Fuente Goes Over the Hard Part for Newbies

So, practice is in full swing. Day 3 is in the books, and each day will see more formation and more changes are certain to come, too.

What’s Coming Up

Gobbler Country will start it’s Roster Reviews Tuesday evening with the Offensive Line. We’ll try some divination to see what we think will be the roster order. The reports coming out of practice are intriguing. Doug Nester is rumored to be making a serious impression, already. It’s going to be an interesting contest for the starting roles in what has become a deep and strong squad.