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Student Look at the Hokies before Friday Night Lights Against Duke

There’s a lot of confidence coming from the students I’ve spoken to at Virginia Tech. For some, it’s confidence in a win, and for others it’s in an embarrassing night.

NCAA Football: Old Dominion at Virginia Tech
Phil Patterson gave the Hokies a spark in the second half last time out with a big touchdown.
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech faces off against Duke in a prime time game Friday night. Both teams are 2-1, lost their only game against a power five school, and are coming off of bye weeks. On campus, a lot of students are worried about this Hokies football team and coaching staff, while others still have confidence they can get things going.

Let’s start with the good:

Many students, especially true football fans, think that sooner or later the amount of talent on the Hokies roster will start to put it together. Virginia Tech has a lot of guys with a lot of talent, but they either aren’t being developed by the coaches or they aren’t disciplined. Guys like Dax Hollifield, Tre Turner, Damon Hazelton, and Christian Darrisaw have NFL potential. However, this team continues to struggle time and time again. Fuente needs to either put his players in a position to succeed, or teach them how to do their job.

The not so good:

Similar to what I think, a lot of people I spoke to, Duke may very well come into Lane and walk through the Hokies. It’s a fair assumption considering Furman (who is and FCS school) and ODU (who’s basically an FCS school) gave the Hokies a whole lot of trouble at home in their last two games. Lane is a tough place to play, but even with the home field advantage Tech has been flat.

To argue a little bit of that; some people think the prime time atmosphere and ACC opponent will keep Tech from coming out flat. Virginia Tech has a good teaming coming in to their stadium, and playing down to them isn’t an option. The Hokies need to beat Duke’s intensity level and play at a high level to win this game.

This game has some meaning to it for Tech. For one, they’re trying to prove they aren’t a joke. The Hokies have looked plain bad this year and Fuente’s seat might be starting to get warm. He and the Hokies need to make a statement this week and grab a win at home.