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Hokie Sports News Roundup 2019 Week 1

There is news and information about the sports programs, our first edition for 2019 will concentrate on Football because there are some issues. Soccer is also starting up so we’ll give you a taste of what’s going on there.

TyJuan Garbutt signs the helmet on Fan Appreciation Day
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Football

There were some unfortunate things that happened during the game, besides the turnovers. The Hokies sustained some critical injuries and there are already changes being made to the starting lineup because of them.

TyJuan Garbutt, our best pass rusher was hammered by a presumably illegal blindside block on something like the first or second defensive snap. Mike Niziolek over at the Roanoke Times has the video cut. It looks like a pretty plain example of what is supposed to be an illegal block, completely ignored by the refs. There isn’t much word on how he is doing. His twitter account is pretty quiet.

Jalen Holston, tweaked something having to do with a leg. There was something about surgery from his twitter account and local reports. The word is that he’s on the sidelines “indefinitely”. We suddenly got thinner at running back than we’d have liked. Especially because Holston was our “power back”.

The defensive backfield took a serious hit with both Jovonn Quillen and Tyree Rodgers spending a good deal of the game on the sideline. Quillen looked like he did something to his leg, and Rodgers was sent to the showers to get changed into street clothes. There isn’t any specific word being listed on the health or disposition of either of them for the ODU game. Looks like Bud’s already going to have to shuffle things around in secondary.

So that’s four major injuries for the team to work with.

In award news, Rayshard Ashby is the ACC Linebacker of the week.


Hokie Women’s Soccer

Congratulations again... this time to the women’s Soccer team. They were just ranked 23rd, and are currently undefeated (4-0) after taking on the Auburn Tigers and grabbing a 3-1 win.

Pretty Special!

More news to come as things develop. Stay tuned for the next podcast as we start the preview cycle for the ODU game, and preparations for our first View from the Sidelines of the 2019 season.


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