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It’s Time for the SB Nation FanPulse Football Poll and Seat Temperature Gauge

The polls are in, and it’s interesting in the national levels. Alabama is #1 instead of Clemson - It’s what happens when you eek out a one pointer over UNC. The other stuff below the Top 5, well they are what they are and where they go.

Dr. HokieBird to the ER STAT! CODE BLUE!
John Schneider - SB Nation

The National Results

Looks like a bit of shuffling going on at the top of the chart. That’s what happens when you nearly lose a game to UNC and only manage to score 3 touchdowns in the contest, anyway. Clemson spends its first poll below #1 for the season. The Tide is back on the top of the chart. When have we seen this before? And, before that? And before that, too? At some point it all gets pointless. Except that its fun to complain about.

Week 5 National Poll Numbers
SB Nation

Gobbler Country Readers are showing the following grid:

SB Nation Gobbler Country Voters Rated the Week 5 Top 25

Ranking Team
Ranking Team
1 Alabama
2 Clemson
3 Ohio State
4 Georgia
6 Oklahoma
7 Auburn
8 Wisconsin
9 Notre Dame
10 Florida
11 Texas
12 Penn State
13 Oregon
14 Iowa
15 Washington
16 Boise State
17 Cal
18 Utah
19 Virginia
20 Michigan
21 UCF
22 USC
23 Texas A&M
24 Wake Forest
25 Michigan State
It’s GC’s look at who’s riding the stratosphere SB Nation

Team Questions

The big two questions for Hokie fans this week are a re-read of the confidence in the direction of the program number... It’s bad... Real Bad...

The big new question was about the who gets fired next gig. The Hot Seat is a serious topic of conversation for Hokie Nation, but the SB Nation Fan Base doesn’t really think that Fuente is going to get his big $15million payday anytime soon. A notch over 13% thought he’d be the next guy to get it in the neck. It was Rutgers head coach, in case y’all didn’t hear.

The Hottest of Hot Seats.. It was Rutgers
SB Nation

So that’s the temperature gauge for the week. Justin Fuente survives because, well, he saw the train wreck coming; and got smart enough to cut a nice fat insurance policy to cover the problems headed his way.