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Campus Feel Following a Tough Loss on Opening Weekend

After good a decent conclusion to a tough season last year there was a good and hopeful vibe coming into the year. After the Hokies performance in Boston college that vibe has turned around a good bit.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, how the tables have turned. Up until Saturday, campus had a hopeful vibe about the Hokies football team and their 2019 campaign. That all changed Saturday when the Hokies season opener got underway. Here’s what went wrong and how it has changed the some hope within the fan base.

To start, we’ll discuss the quarterback situation. As you may know, I’m not the biggest Willis supporter, but I was pretty optimistic heading into Saturday. With a good O-Line and an elite receiving corp around him, I thought he could have a big year as long as he made simple reads. After his absolute worst game as a Hokie, I, like many others, have lost a lot of faith after a really rough game. His reads were off, his footwork was sloppy, and he really just looked uncomfortable in the pocket. My hope for a good year is dropping fast and he won’t have a chance to be tested again by a decent defense for a few weeks.

On a more positive note, the hype and hope around linebackers was well entertained. Ashby and Hollifield did a phenomenal job defending the underneath on the pass and an especially good job stopping the run. They filled gaps correctly and seemed to be on the same page time and time again. With our potential best pass-rusher, TyJuan Garbutt out, our linebackers need to live up to the hype even more to pick up the slack on the defensive end.

All in all, there are a lot of questions surrounding this Hokies football team. After a bad game by our starting quarterback the coaches say they have faith in, doubled by rough games by the D-Line and corners, doubt is inevitable. Hopefully, with two winnable games around the corner the Hokies can turn it around. There is still some hope for Tech, but they’ve got to get on the same page this week in a, dare I say it, “must win” versus ODU.