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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. OId Dominion Monarchs: Predictions and a Podcast

It’s time for predictions. As we have had a little bit of feedback, we are using this one to post both the written predictions, and the Preview and Predictions Podcast. There are lots of weird feelings about this game. Seems like this might become sort of a grudge match. Good.. go out and win, BIG Hokies...

This game is critical... for Ryan Willis... Rayshard Ashby, too.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s Friday night, and things are developing pretty slowly. The Monday Labor Day Holiday sort of messed up our scheduling. However, we are here, and ready to put some more effort into making an accurate guess. Our track record is so, impressive up to this point. Bryan and I are batting exactly .000, each at 0-1.

Bryan Manning

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45-14 Hokies

Joshua Warner

Despite such a sloppy game last year against ODU and a sloppy game last week, the Hokies will be ready for this one. Back at Lane, with Willis’ and Fuente’s back nearing a wall; Tech won’t come out flat. ODU will keep it close for a bit, but in the end Virginia Tech will start to get themselves together.

49-21 Hokies

John Schneider

There isn’t much fancy to say. The Hokies played a better game than Boston College, last week. EXCEPT that Ryan Willis had a bad case of “wrong jerseys”. Five of his turnovers were either for negative points or positive points for BC. It’s obvious that he needs to clean up the act. He’s got some terrific receivers to get downfield and catch the ball. He has to read better. He’s got to recognize open routes at intermediate distances. Above all, he’s got to play within himself without trying to do too much.

If the Hokies can fix those problems, there is nothing that can really get in the way that ODU can put on the field. IF the offense gets tied down, and functioning properly, and IF (BIG IF) the defense can handle a big running Quarterback for the full game, there is nothing stopping Virginia Tech from putting up 42 points or more. Those are big ifs. It seems that the coaches know it, too.

Tech comes out like they should have last week, and finishes with the wind at its back. It’ll be tight in the first half, but as time goes on things will loosen up.

42-17 Hokies

And now, here’s our Talking Turkey Podcast. Bryan and John Preview the game and go over their predictions.

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