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So Justin Fuente is Staying Put Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Deals with the Kerfluffle

So, the news is out, and what we thought would fade into the background came roaring to the forefront. The Baylor offer is over and Fuente is staying put. Listen to Talking Turkey for the mid-crisis attitude.

Fuente Stays but we Talk about it and what it means
John Schneider - SB Nation

Please note that this podcast was recorded during the “night of not knowing” and so the final outcome was not known at the time. Bryan, Jawhar, and John talk over the issues involved and what the potential fallout could be.

Suffice it to say the Poll results were pretty informative. People in Hokie Nation are willing to move on, but the size of the “Done with this era” crowd was pretty surprising.

Coach Fuente is back and Hokie Nation has him on a short leash. Winning is the salve that butters over raw wounds.