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Gobbler Country Checks the Virginia Tech Hokie Sports News

It’s time for a news roundup of the various Hokie Sports going on as the “Spring Semester” gets underway in Blacksburg.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Virginia Tech
Stuff that’s too high in the air for me...
Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Hokies Basketball


First off, congratulations to the Women’s basketball team, twice over. First for their 700th win.

Which if that wasn’t special enough, that victory came against the Wahoos in Hooville. Tech put up a serious fight, and battled Virginia the entire game, coming up with a convincing 69-61 victory.

Of special note, Lydia Rivers had a super effort on the floor for the Hokies. She put up her personal best offensive game, pulled down some respectable boards, and played great defense to round it all out.

And someone tell Dara Mabrey that if she keeps hitting these the coach isn’t going to allow her down low. Wow!

The Hokie Women’s Basketball Team hits the Cassell court for a Blackout game tomorrow at 7pm.

Men’s Basketball

Tonight, the Men’s team takes to the court looking to get the top spinning in the right direction, again, after the disappointing razor thin loss to Syracuse. The Hokies will be hosting a struggling North Carolina team. It’s important that the Hokies open up and play fearless, confident basketball, along with the knowledge that even though Carolina is struggling, the Tar Heels don’t like losing to us. Tech is favored but need to forget that bit of fluff and go out to win.

Indoor Track and Field

The Indoor Track and Field Season is underway, and the first week has seen some ACC honors being sprinkled on Jacory Patterson (Sprinter) and Rachel Baxter (Pole Vault). Congratulations to both of them.

The men’s 4x400 meter relay posted some impressive numbers as they build up their competitive level. They broke the school record this week which is a really great way to get things started.

Hokie Football

The semester has started and that means the winter period of conditioning and strength training gets underway for the football players. Spring practice seems so far away, but it will be here soon enough. Now is the time for concentrating on studies... weights... runs... agility... studies...

The 2020 football schedule is out. There’s a Thursday night game!!!! It’s also going to be an interesting season. Bryan is going to go over the schedule with us, later this evening. GC will have seven home games to cover, again this season. Hopefully the weather cooperates better, this time.

Classes started yesterday. Blacksburg is humming, again.