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FanPulse Results: Virginia Tech Basketball fans weigh in after a series of ACC games

Is there any doubt remaining after the latest set of contests?

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Hokies are on their way up to Boston College for a Saturday afternoon road test for Mike Young’s squad. Following a tiring, but exciting double overtime win against UNC at home, how will Tech respond?

Before tomorrow’s action, the SB Nation Fan Pulse results from this week’s survey are in. This poll covered the victory over Wake Forest and the narrow loss at home to Syracuse. Did the split results damper any confidence in the direction of the program?

Week 9 - Confidence Remains

Of course not! Who could possible be watching this Virginia Tech team this year and not be happy with how things are going. A roster rebuilt, under a new head coach, and relying mostly on freshman. The Hokies are a solid NCAA Tournament bubble contender all ready and are competitive in the ACC.

That’s now five out of nine weeks that all voters have stated that they are confident in the Virginia Tech Basketball program. Curiously, I checked the data to see if there were any schools that had remained at 100% confidence all year. In fact there are four - Colorado, Duke, Texas Tech (where Chris Clarke transferred to) & West Virginia.

National Question

This week voters across all school were also asked which conference they think is strongest at the moment. The ACC came in second place with 21% of the votes, with nearly half the voters picking the Big Ten as the strongest conference in the nation. March (and April) will give us the definitive answer.

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