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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey goes over the UNC Game

Special guest host Jay Johnson makes a return appearance to join Bryan and John as they go over the Carolina loss. There weren’t all bad things, no team scores 45 points and loses without bright spots, but moral victories are not W’s. GO HOKIES!!!

Some past glory.
John Schneider - SB Nation

There were Good Things

Look, Khalil Herbert is still leading the NCAA in rushing. The offense scored 45 points and ground up a supposedly stiff rushing defense.

And 3rd in scoring. Now we just have to fix the D.

The Offensive Line is Getting Noticed

Pro Football Focus was so impressed with the performance of the Offensive Line, both Christian Darrisaw and Lecitus Smith were named to this week’s team.

We are scoring so much, somehow even with the loss, we are still bumping up on the top of NCAA scoring. This season, that’s hard because across the league defenses seem to be having some serious problems.

Justin Fuente’s news conference made his feelings plain about his offensive line and the effort of some of its players. There is going to be some serious next level attention paid to everyone on this 2 deep. There is just not a weak spot anywhere on the line... at all...

We Have a Decision at Starting Quarterback

This always ends up having caveats, because Braxton Burmeister has started our two wins, and Quincy filled in ably when Burmeister was down for a quarter. Both of them are all Hokie, and bring some serious heart and skill to the table. HOWEVER! This team and offense belongs to one young man who just seems to get it to step up to the next level. Hendon Hooker is going to start the BC Game, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Hooker has matured constantly as a leader and as a Quarterback. The rust is off, and the Hokie offense, already firing on all cylinders, is ready to mash the accelerator to the floor and change the shape of Hokie football.

And now, Let’s join Bryan, Jay, and John to Talk some Turkey

Next up ACC Rankings from Jay.