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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Boston College Eagles: Official Gobbler Country Game Thread

It’s Game Day! Or Evening as the case may be. There are lots of questions to be answered for this one. Comment, complain, gif... This is your chance. Hokies look for redemption after two tough years. BC seems to think they have it. Hokies have the tools. Can they get it done? GO HOKIES!!!

The 2018 Captains come on to the field
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s five minutes before the broadcast - or streaming event. Boston College has been giving the Hokies fits over the past umpteen seasons. The Hokies dropped last season’s away game on turnovers. This time things might be a hair different. BC has a pass offense but no run. Hokies have a high horsepower offense, but the defensive secondary is still having issues.

Big Questions for this Game

  1. Can Khalil Herbert and the #ViceSquad keep up the run yardage? It’s been north of 100 for three games, can they make it a fourth?
  2. Does the Hokie Defense come up with an answer for the Jurkovec arm?
  3. BC has good receivers, and can pass instead of run. Does the Hokie Defense live up to #LPD and get some stops on a one dimensional offense?
  4. Does Hendon Hooker get settled in and the pass portion of the Hokie Offense get working to loosen up the probability that BC is going to load the box and hunt for #21?
  5. Is Special Teams going to make a big difference in the game? It’s been up and down for the first three games. The ups have been special, but the downs regrettable. Does this part of the personnel taxed Hokie team get back to more normal operations?
  6. Who shows up to play, especially in the Secondary? Do we have all of our starters in place and can the backups hang in against the BC passing attack if they are needed?

Well, it’s almost kickoff time. We will soon start to see the answers to those questions, more questions, and answers that we didn’t expect... or sometimes want. It’s going to be a late one. So,