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Virginia Tech Hokies Winning the Turnover Battle and Leading the BC Eagles: 17-7

It’s been a real back and forth battle. There have been no punts, but BC has turned the ball over

Virginia Tech v North Carolina
Fuente is feeling lucky at the half.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Hokies won the toss and deferred. The kick sailed into the end zone for a touchback. Divine Deablo is back on the field. BC Opened with a pretty nice run, but followed with a 2 yard loss. BC Managed a 1st down with a nine yard out pattern to the tight end. The Eagle offense managed to chop off some 4+ yard runs, and solid intermediate pass patterns. Then the defense caught a nice break on a forced fumble by Devon Taylor. The Hokies get their first stop.

The Hokies started their march in good field position. The ground game started with James Mitchell, and then Hendon Hooker launched and ran for a nice 30+ yard romp. The drive stalled with a pass to Tre Turner that was short of the line of scrimmage and a bit too hot to handle. Then the follow-up second down run from Khalil Herbert only grabbed four back. Hooker scrambled to save the next pass play and managed to get the ball to the 35. The subsequent field goal attempt wasn’t well executed and the ball squibbed to the right.

The Eagles came out with a big momentum shift and hit a long pass deep into Tech territory, and then followed up by a nice run…. That was promptly punched out for a drive stopping fumble. Tech started their series at their own 17. Khalil Herbert put it in another gear for 2 runs for 25+ yards and two first downs. Then Hendon Hooker hit Trayvon Robinson over the middle for 20+. Tre Turner grabs one to ge to the BC 28. The offensive play calling broke down on the series, though. Hokies ended up with a 3rd and 14. Kaleb Smith grabbed a pass underneath to get the ball solidly in field goal range, though. Brian Johnson nailed the kick, and 3 went up for a -4. 3 – 0 Hokies

BC started with some negative yards, but hit a school yard scramble for 30 and kept the ball moving just when Tech was about to get a legitimate 3 and out stop. Tech’s defense was slightly flummoxed by BC’s sort of ad hoc downfield plays where someone leaks out into a blank spot in the zone, and Jurkovec has enough arm to get the ball to the open receiver. Two incomplete passes and a couple of missed tackles on Flowers results in a BC touchdown that was called back because he stepped out avoiding the tackle. BC picked up the 4th and very short. Tight End Gill gets the BC touchdown on an obvious seam squat under the zone. 3 – 7 Boston College

For some reason BC kicked the ball short, and Keshawn King ran the ball back to the BC 49. Hendon Hooker took the ball around the end for 30+ yards to the BC 19. Herbert piked up a 5 yard first down at the BC 7. So Hendon Hooker took the ball into the right corner of the south endzone with a QB sweep. 10 – 7 Hokies

Boston College returned the John Parker-Romo kickoff to the 19. Tech Special Teams is swarming this time. BC picked up a critical 1st down on a broken play out pattern on 3rd and 9. Tech’s defense was still struggling with leaking receivers under the zone and in the seams on broken plays. BC Got the ball to into Hokie territory and promptly threw an interception to Devin Taylor.

The Hokies began their march at their 27 yard line with several emphatic runs by Khalil Herbert. Then the Hokies surprised everyone with a beautiful screen pass to Khalil Herbert for a Hokie touchdown. Tech’s Defense had 2:49 seconds to get a stop before the half. BC sputtered several times and then a school yard scramble pass ends up bouncing and rolling out of bounds with Flowers… Hokies took full advantage of the momentum shift and grabbed a student body sack of Jurkovec. BC had to punt (first of the game) and Hendon Hooker had 1:40 to get the ball into some sort of scoring situation.

Tech settled to run the clock down to :28 seconds and leave BC with an 80 yard drive and one TO and 20 seconds on the clock. The Hokies leave the field with a stop, and three turnovers. It’s going to be an interesting 3rd quarter to start the 2nd half.